It was 1994, when a group of then HSSC students started naming Jutialians, while  before another name was introduced  as PSACOLIAN, but it didn’t get much attention. Since then “JUTIALIANS” has been a slogan of every single student , happened to spend a  day or a year or a couple or more..has now :The Privilege


Ever since  from the start,  first Batch of SSC passed out in 1983 with a few Students, while this number overwhelmingly increased  year by year.The very First Head of this Institution was Late Sir Colonel Karamat Hussain. An honorable gentleman and a real educationist, who wholeheartedly served this institution with full zest and sincerity. He managed to streamline this SCHOOL in a Professional way, that soon started yielding results, that are still progressing and contributing towards  betterment of our country in general and this entire region of GB in particular.
Started in 1980, with a total strength of around 300 students, gradually got more influx and today this number stands around 8000 . Success and Services this INSTITUTION has brought for the entire region GB are numerous nd unforgettable, When there were no Quality Education institutions, besides traditional Schools, Public School Jutial has been the RIGHT flag holder of GB’s educational revolution.