About us



Jutialians Alumni has been a long awaited dream. Since its inception of bringing together old Jutialians across the globe, a very first step was taken in 1993-94 where a proper proclamation of this word JUTIALIANS was introduced .Historically the then BATCH got this privilege and credit to be pioneer of this newly introduced phrase Jutialians alumni.
Quite in unison with the upcoming revolutions and advancement in information technology , concepts of social media and internet advancements enabled many front runners to do their part along the way of establishing an organized Alumni where friends from old batches could come across with their batch fellows and fresher’s.
But a vacuum still remained intact as the web didn’t yet know a specific URL named after Jutialians that could provide a one step platform where old and new Jutialians would inter act and know each other, make their detailed profiles, upload their complete bio data, share their wits and gets.
With the grace of Allah , at last a web URL has been launched with preliminary concepts of an informative spot, meant to provide opportunity to introduce individually as well as browsing details for old fellows , recall past glories and strengthening the bonds between past, present and coming alumni