30th Nov, 2020, Historic Day for GB

30th Nov, 2020,  Historic Day for GB

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Allah almighty has given an opportunity to the  Shining Stars of Jutialians Community to prove their worth, ability, vision and their utmost affiliation to the people and their region.

Heartiest Congratulations to Khalid Khurshid Khan  (95-SSC )for being elected  as 3rd  Chief Minister of Gilgit Baltistan and Amjad Hussain ( 92-HSSC) for assuming charge as Opposition Leader.

As this institution , since 1980’s literally brought a revolution in GB’s education sector , now its alumni has been entrusted upon by entire GB, amidst hopes of  real change   in traditional political regime of GB,  by introducing visionary leadership coupled with courage, guts and determination to familiarize people to their basic rights and  lead them   with logic, sagacity, wisdom and resolve

Self Rule and Owner ship rights slogan from Amjad Hussain has eventually become a longstanding tenet of every individual of GB while his   outspoken style and non intimidating personality has been overwhelmingly greeted  by all spheres of life .

Being at the top executive slot of Chief Minster, Khalid Khurshid  Khan  has to prove that all those old concepts and derogatory attitudes towards traditional politicians are to be abandoned and a clinching  impression and impressive gesture of GB’s new generation be well understood and acknowledged. Now it will be on his shoulders to bridge that gape and fill that vacuum of decades old misconceptions and fallacies based on least participation of youth in electoral and institutional politics and processes.

Now time has come to prove  that our youth can be a creative force, a dynamic source of innovations, and their role  throughout history, as participated, contributed, and even catalyzed important changes in political systems, power-sharing dynamics and economic opportunities. ..

Executive and constitutional portfolios are  more about responsibility and deliverance contrary to  superficial attractions , charms, privileges  and protocol. Its far beyond individual or family interests.  This means understanding both what the role entails and what individual qualities are required to perform it well.

Being the chief executive of the Province, he has to  ask himself  if  he has responsibly enhanced his democratic ideals and sufficiently gathered citizen concerns on important issues. Has he made his government more accessible to all people? Has he responded to citizen questions in a helpful and timely way? Does his goverment properly engage citizens in problem solving? As public representative and heading provincial government, he needs to listen to his  critics closely and respectfully as citizens and concentrate on fiscal accountability, effective  governance and outstanding  performance at each of their  public tasks and responsibilities.

He   must ,however ,never dismiss the fact that what ever  he  does as part of government,  is essential to the functioning of their communities and the welfare of citizenry. If he works hard, treat other elected officials, peers and  citizens with respect and civility, he can answer any question and respond to any challenge that communities face.

Now the treasury benches headed by the Chief Minister in chair and Opposition being lead by Amjad Hussain  will be playing pivotal role in GB’s emerging parliamentary politics. Both will have to cling to the basic demands and needs of the general populace, that is more about political and human rights of this region.


However, the most important distinguishing factor between the political parties relate to values. Values determine where individuals invest effort, and the challenge for any selection process is how to incorporate the assessment of values in addition to knowledge, skills or abilities

At its core, democratic politics is about representation, ordinary people want to see themselves and their interests reflected in their leaders’ rhetoric and actions. So it makes intuitive sense that younger politicians, who can relate to our experiences more sincerely, might represent us more easily.


May Allah bless them all with  courage, guts, commitment and devotion to prove their  choice as the BEST and enable them come at par with genuine needs and demands of their people.

All the best ahead !!!!!





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