The Recent mayhem in P S & C

There have been some rumors of unfortunate happenings in P S & C in past few days.If true, its extremely regrettable. Teachers are to be respected all the way, students to be obedient and get true guidance and support from their teachers while the biggest responsibility lies on the head of the institution.Policy making decisions are key to success of anything else, either a school, country or an organization.When the AUTHORITY in-charge start thinking as the sole decision maker without respecting ones opinion, suggestion and above all religious faith, things are overturned and bad things happen. No doubt strict administration and management is inevitable for a BODY to function properly, once undue decisions and faith shaking statements are surfaced from the Head of the Institution, it paves way to unfortunate events, never wished .The head of institution is supposed to be safeguarding rights of his students and not creating split among-st them on account of the their religious beliefs.
It never happened before, because never had any Principal of this institution was a proclaimed preacher of disharmony and a disguised supporter of those who enlighten rifts and widen gapes and differences by his actions.Its is extremely condemn-able what has been reported , no words to express grief and disappointment but again, the sole responsibility lies on those , who intentionally sparked sectarian sentiments and caused that incident where teachers and students came across, regrettable moment for this institution in general and a black day for all Jutialians across the globe. An impartial inquiry must be carried out to ascertain the real culprits who have staked the prestige and honor of this institution, turned this PROUD INSTITUTION of GB into a hate spreading center.This institution has long served the whole region without any difference, produced hundreds and hundreds of professionals, and individuals proving the Jutialians slogan of RIGHT to be PROUD.
We as a community of ex Jutialians, express our profound concern over these unfortunate events happened and request a fair, impartial and decisive inquiry be carried to fix the responsibility and punish those involved disregarding any affiliation , position and political or sectarian bias.Principally ,an individual heading an organization or institution is supposed to be a PACIFIER and not an INSTIGATOR , whose words and actions are believed to define the track of that institution. Aggravating any minor injury to a big wound is not a quality or skill indeed, its something that has to be treated well in-time , whole-heartedly and transparently.
We need to bridge the gapes, not widen rifts !!!

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