New Glimpses added

Just added few glimpses from the past.We would like to have old collections from our dear fellows and their contribution in this regard is deemed highly appreciable


Glimpses from the PAST


If you can contribute either in shape of old snaps, any records, or any material /  writing that  could boost our passion and   and let us recall those golden memories from the PAST

email us any material if you have @

Data Collection

We are establishing a data base for our Jutialians.Already have managed to get hold of records up-to 8-10 batches since 1983-84
Any one who could share details in a collective way will be appreciated.Ont he other hand, individual introduction might also be helpful.

We have added what we got or know by our personal contacts.For sure its  like a bubble in the ocean, thus collectively we might  be able to proceed successfully, thus   we need an aggressive response so that energies will be upheld, and efforts will not be diminished