It was 1993-94 when a group of students from HSSC conceived this name Jutialians for the first time to recall their affiliation with their esteemed institution. It was started from some car stickers inscribed with name JUTIALIAN having the slogan:

Back in late 80s and 1990 a name “PSACOLIAN” was introduced, that could not get any eminence and by that time it was abandoned at all. Since1994, Jutialians itself has got much popularity that now it’s a very well-known word for inhabitants of Gilgit-Baltistan.

The idea of establishing an Old Boys Association was though attempted in 1994 on wards , but could not be converted into an ultimate formation , even a membership ship campaign was started to bring all Jutialians together at least in terms of establishing some data base. Contrary to 2015,  no internet and social media facilities were available  at time, that gradually impeded and resulted in a halt.

Few more sessions did their utmost including 96-97 batches’ but results were not that promising because of the communication obscurities and contact issues. But that aspiration always remained alive and continued to flourish. Then we witnessed a steep advancement in modern technologies by virtue of information technology that drastically decreased the communication gapes, minimized the distances and brought together people by means of emails, messengers and social networking sites.

Here we noticed Jutialians having interactions by means of creating different groups and blogs. Now we cans see our Jutialians being visible where they are visible, can be contacted and approached. But still a dearth in terms of having a self proclaimed DOMAIN registered in the name of JUTIALIANS was a dream for many people. Now in 2015, this task is taken up by a group of few Jutialians and by the grace of Allah, we are able to share this first ever site with our privileged JUTIALIANS around the globe. As a very initial step, we are introducing  an introductory site having all necessary details , information and data.

Regarding formation and registration, addendum and articles of association, it will be done in coming days .Once this association is registered with local government, we will budge ahead for more social and welfare ventures  not only for Jutialians, but for all 2 million inhabitants of our great Gilgit Baltistan ., we

In the last we look forward to have suggestions ,ideas and inputs that can be of any support for making this first ever JUTIALIANs site a worth visiting URL, that would be delivering and providing a place of interaction and a single point of contact , bringing together JUTIALIANs around the globe .

This site is in place, by sole contribution and technical assistance of our fellows:

email:  support@jutialians.com